Northern Ireland: radically dysfunctional?


Sir, – Fionola Meredith writes that the North is an embarrassment to itself and should be effectively ignored (Opinion & Analysis, March 13th). Do we disown our family, friends and neighbours when they embarrass us? – Yours, etc,



Sir, – Is Fionola Meredith living in the same Northern Ireland as I am?

To describe us as insular, immature and dysfunctional is not only an insult to everybody here but naive and uninformed.

Has she chosen to ignore how many decent principled people have and are still working very hard here to change things? Our society has problems, but I would like her to give us an example of any state or country that doesn’t.

I have met many people from the Republic visiting Northern Ireland who love spending time here, and a number of people who live and work here very happily. – Yours, etc,