New Garda divisions


Sir, – The new Garda divisions as outlined by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris have been driven through, as both public and serving members see it, without proper consultation.

The new northwest region will have its main regional HQ in Galway, while its regional chief superintendent will be based in Monaghan.

Given that the northwest has over 300 border crossings, with 499 km of border, with 72 million crossings per year, how will the changes enhance security, given what happened to Kevin Lunney, the Quinn Industrial Holdings executive?

I hear constantly from serving Garda members that their representatives are being ignored regarding these changes.

The lack of manpower and proper equipment, including patrol vehicles, are a constant that comes up time and time again in conversations.

The idea that 10 counties of the new northwest region can be supervised by one person overall is asking a lot. – Yours, etc,




Co Donegal.

Sir, – Politicians are quick to criticise the plans to restructure Garda regions and management.

The word “downgrading” becomes ubiquitous when referring to local Garda stations.

Might I respectfully suggest to politicians that, having damaged our hospital services and the quality of patient care by interfering in hospital restructuring plans over many years, they leave Garda restructuring plans to the Garda management, who have been employed to give us all the benefits of their expertise. – Yours, etc,



Co Wexford.