Mrs Robinson And Abortion


Sir, - David Grant (November 12th) asks: "Where, then, does that leave an ectopic pregnancy"? This question arises in relation to Mary Robinson's promotion of abortion "in limited circumstances" as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. What a contradiction!

The Pro-Life Amendment to the Constitution states that both the mother and the unborn child have an equal right to life. The mother can receive, medically and morally, all the care that she needs, even if it is foreseen that this may affect the life of her child. This is a far cry from direct abortion, which Ms Robinson and Mr Grant would advocate.

The problem of the morality of abortion is not new. It was forbidden by the Council of Elvira (Spain) in 306 AD. Mr Grant raises the old chestnuts about Church involvement in the Crusades, the condemnation of Galileo and anti-semitism. When the Church gets it wrong, it makes an "apology". The Church, however, has been consistent in its teaching about abortion and the basic human right to life over the centuries. - Yours, etc., Fr Dominic Johnson,


Glenstal Abbey,

Co Limerick.