Mom’s the word?


Sir, – Frank McNally cites the TV programme 50 Ways to Kill your Mammy as an instance of introducing the outside world to the Irish terms “Mam” and “Mammy” (“An Irishman’s Diary”, December 5th).

Many years previously the late writer Hugh Leonard had already achieved that through his successful ITV series Me Mammy which starred a host of all now sadly departed actors (Milo O’Shea, Anna Manahan, Yootha Joyce, Ray McAnally and David Kelly).

Your diarist rests some hope on Brexit rescuing the Irish “Mam” from being converted into the US “Mom” through its association with the “Maman” of our soon to be nearest EU neighbours, the French. I wish him luck with that but while he is waiting he might investigate why so many people seem to think that “Brexit” contains the word “eggs”. – Yours, etc,



Co Donegal.

Sir, – There is one word for mother which has stood the test of time and that cannot be mangled by today’s teenagers. I refer, of course, to the age-old and ever-popular “Ma”. Long may she be with us. – Yours, etc,