Media cynicism or a healthy scepticism?


Sir, – Stephen Collins’s view of the general commentary of Enda Kenny’s speech in Washington by the Irish media, as opposed to the international acclaim, was spot-on (“Lesson for Irish political press in US coverage of Kenny speech”, Opinion & Analysis, March 23rd).

The section that deals with the negativity that ensues when the reader or listener is continually bombarded with cynicism could act as a checklist for all who comment on the work of politicians and government and who ultimately disrespect and undervalue democracy.

These are challenging times. Could we have less cynicism in political review and raise the bar a little? – Yours, etc,


Slane, Co Meath.

A chara, – Stephen Collins notes that “significant elements” of the media tend to view the Government of the day through a “distorting lens” that presumes it is acting on the “basest possible motives”.

If those elements were less concerned with setting the agenda in society, and more concerned with objectively reporting the facts, not only could such distortion be avoided, but the declining levels of public trust in the media that has been documented of late might be reversed. – Is mise,


Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny.

Sir, – For 50 years I have considered The Irish Times the most responsible source for news in Ireland and around the world. I have many friends here in the United States and Canada who believe the same and who are overseas subscribers.

But the bias against Donald Trump in your newspaper is so obvious it is truly disappointing. I read your paper to get a balanced opinion of what is going on in the world, and that is simply not happening. I was a huge fan of Fintan O’Toole all his working life but he has lost all credibility with his rants about Mr Trump. Suzanne Lynch in her Opinion article of March 23rd (“Back-slapping Taoiseach failed to stand up to Trump”) is so clearly anti-Trump that she cannot give us a fair report on Enda Kenny’s visit to the United States. My many Irish friends here, most of whom are anti-Trump, say Mr Kenny made them proud.

I would truly ask you to speak to your journalists and remind them of their function. – Yours, etc,


Naples, Florida.

Sir, – There is nothing wrong with media scrutiny of figures who wield significant power, be it political or financial. We need more of it, not less. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 7.

Sir, – Editors and journalists should review and revise their uber-cynical narrative around democratically elected politicians (and others in public life) while we still have democratic institutions to complain about. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 15.