Local property tax


Sir, – Jim O’Sullivan (Letters, June 3rd) writes from Sligo to take issue with the Taoiseach’s assertion that the recalibration of the local property tax (LPT) will be fair and affordable.

Figures on the Sligo County Council website indicate that more than 93 per cent of homes in Sligo are in bands one to three – ie valued for LPT at less than €200,000. Subject to the ability of local authorities to adjust the liability up or down within a 15 per cent range, the LPT liability on this 93 per cent of Sligo homes is a minimum of €90 per annum and a maximum of €315 per annum.

The proposed changes will see that maximum liability of €315 apply to a home worth up to €350,000, an increase of 75 per cent on the maximum €200,000 valuation to which an annual charge of €315 applies under the 2013 valuations.

I don’t think Sligo homeowners have too much to complain about. But it may be, of course, that Mr O’Sullivan’s concern is for homeowners in Dublin who for years have been subsidising the cost of the provision of services to the residents of Sligo. – Yours, etc,



Co Mayo.