Live events, culture and financial support


Sir, – The live events sector ground to a halt in March. It has remained thus to this day, and until such time as live events are permitted again, it shall continue to be locked down.

The sector is very heavily reliant on the services of freelance workers, most of whom are highly skilled, working on concerts, festivals, theatre, circus, dance, comedy and numerous independent television productions, and so on.

While the latest announcement from Minister for Arts and Culture Catherine Martin includes some very welcome initiatives, it fails to offer any incentive to freelancers to stay in the business (“¤31m package for cultural sector hit by Covid-19”, News, July 24th).

On the contrary, the tapering of the pandemic unemployment payment amounts to a cruel withdrawal of support and an existential threat to these vital personnel’s livelihoods.

The crews will suffer, the events will suffer and industry will be diminished. They all deserve better. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.