Learner Drivers


Sir, - Let us not blame the young for our standards of driving. In my experience, the young are hugely more responsible than my generation, at least regarding drink-driving.

If insurance companies and the law condone driving alone on a second provisional licence having failed a driving test, we are sending a message loud and clear that driving is not a serious matter. It is thus unreasonable to expect the young people to take driving seriously.

That is why we see people every day, for example, using mobile phones while travelling at speed when common sense and research show that driving safety is compromised.

By all means bring in an "R" plate but first insist that no one drives alone until they have passed a test. Of course a parent is only too delighted not to have to collect someone at 2 a.m. but it is a small price to pay. - Yours, etc., Patrick Davey,

Shankill, Co Dublin.