Islam and terrorism


Sir, – Following the latest attack in France, Dr Ali Selim of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (July 26th) has asked the media to stop associating terrorist atrocities with Islam.

Would these be the same terrorist atrocities that are being committed by Muslim members of an Islamic terrorist organisation carried out (at least in their own minds) in the name of Islam? – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.

Sir, – The killing of Fr Jacques Hamel during a morning Mass, by a so-called “soldier of Islamic State”, is a brutal act of violence, but perhaps less shocking in the light of so many recent acts of cruelty.

I wonder as we become more desensitised to such acts of violence on our European door-step, will we as citizens engage less in reflective thought as to why, some young men of emigrant parents, can be so easily radicalised to commit such acts of violence. It is not sufficient to accept populist soundbites from politicians, we must aim for more and look for leaders that can bring all of us, those with a religious faith or none, together to promote our shared human values of tolerance, respect, love and forgiveness.

Perhaps then young men may have a value base that can withstand the manipulation of those wanting to radicalise them and create divisions to promote their own warped agenda. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.

Sir, – Is it right for the media to keep using such words as “Islamic State” or “Muslim terrorists” every time an unacceptable incident happens? We are bombarded with the words “Islam”, “Muslim”, “terrorist” as those creating this disorder and killings are by character Muslim, and it would seem to suggest they are part of the Islamic faith. But in many cases they have not been practising Islam, rather they have been living their lives like Europeans – living a western lifestyle, drinking, [going to] night clubs and [having] girlfriends. So their very lifestyles puts into question them being identified and classified as Muslims.

Equally the Islamic state does not physically exist. Syria is a sovereign country being hijacked by a bunch of fanatics, nothing more. Their actions are contrary to the teachings of Islam whose name signifies peace.

Should the media be using such unfair terminology which only creates the wrong image of 1.8 billon sincere God-fearing, loving Muslim communities around the world, thus putting innocent Muslims in the firing line of being abused, attacked and even killed. – Yours, etc,


Galway Mosque,

Old Ballybrit,

Galway .