Humanitarian crisis in Yemen


Sir, – In Yemen, the Saudi-led coalition committed more atrocities by bombing a cholera treatment centre. The Saudis have also just announced an imminent major military assault on the port of Hodeida. Aid groups have been given three days to leave the area. But there is no safety available for the 250,000 people who could die if this military operation is launched.

We all have to do all that we can to avert this new catastrophic attack on Hodeida port. The port of Hodeida is where 80 per cent of Yemen’s food enters the country. Bombing of the port has already made the situation so severe that every 10 minutes another child dies in Yemen from malnutrition. A new attack will exacerbate this, putting millions at risk of starving to death.

As a Washington Post editorial warned, “The world’s worst humanitarian crisis could get even worse”. It is urgent that we stop the impending attack on Hodeida and stop arming the Saudis to avoid the arms being used to devastate Yemen further. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 7.