Guinness Windmill


Sir, - I was very taken by Patrick Clarke's suggestion (September 30th) that St Patrick's Windmill - "the Guinness Windmill" - be restored as a millennium project. I concur heartily with him when he opines that this edifice - the remains, I believe, of the largest smock mill in Europe - would become, when renovated, a new Dublin "trademark", complementing respectively the John-Hindesque view westwards along the Liffey, with the Ha'penny Bridge in the foreground.

Therefore, I was quite disappointed to read the letter from Pat Barry, the Guinness Director of Corporate Affairs (October 13th) in which he justified corporate inaction on this splendid idea on the grounds that, although admittedly a "striking" building, it never in fact had any functional role in the history of the famous brewery in the grounds of which it now stands.

Tell me, Mr Barry: did Arthur Guinness ever play the harp? - Yours, etc., D. K. Henderson,

Castle Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3.