Green Party and carbon tax

A chara, – At the recent local and European elections, a lot of voters, including younger voters, faced with the realities of potential climate catastrophe, turned to the Green Party for solutions.

It is very sad then that the Green leader, Éamon Ryan, should insist on placing increased tax burdens on working people as the only way forward ("Green Party seeks carbon tax increase in Budget 2020", News, September 15th). He is reported in The Irish Times as demanding a further increase in carbon tax, which will make travelling to work and meeting general living costs even more burdensome for working people, while the capitalist corporations which actually create and profit from the pollution of the environment escape unscathed.

Is there no voice in the Green Party that will challenge this reactionary class-biased outlook and defend working people against another tax burden to be imposed on them by the wealthy and the privileged? – Is mise,



Baile Átha Cliath 22.