Getting Off The Dart


Sir, - This morning at 8.30 I arrived at Tara Street to catch the Dart to work in Howth, as is my custom. Not for the first time the queue for tickets spilled out into the street from the solitary ticket window that was operating - at rush hour in the busiest station in the State! I had to wait 15 minutes to be served, while at least two men waited to check the tickets of those fortunate enough to have already caught a train and disembarked at Tara Street.

I would have been better off queueing for bread in Moscow. So I have just bought a brand new car with which to pollute the atmosphere, having given up on this city's wretched public transport service. And don't even start me on the unspeakable 15B bus journey into town from Rathfarnham every morning. - Yours, etc., Jeremy Chipperfield,

Butterfield Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.