Gathering for Eucharistic Congress


Sir, – It is painfully sad to read of the dreadful treatment described by survivors of sexual abuse outside the Eucharistic Congress (June 26th 28th), however it is unsurprising.

Overall the congress was an occasion of egregious disrespect to everything the Eucharist represents. It was exclusively aimed at those who are supporters of the status quo, and did not reach out in any meaningful way to those who have become disaffected by the church.

It committed the error of simony (trafficking for money in spiritual things) by selling tickets for a Mass, thereby excluding another group of people – namely those who could not afford the cost (the organisers were impervious to any representations on this latter point).

They think it is their church.

They are well wide of the mark.

It is ours, and we unbeknownst to them have moved to a different place. – Yours, etc,


Old Cabra Road,

Dublin 7.