Funding water infrastructure


Sir, – Your editorial of September 13th draws attention to the “inadequate government funding for water and sewage treatment” since independence, leading to “threats to public health”. It is not mentioned in your editorial but it also leads to a loss of up to 50 per cent of water from damaged pipes.

Your editorial advocates “a more thoughtful approach” to these problems.

Where was the thoughtful approach when these problems were ignored for decades?

Where was the thoughtful approach when the people, whose decisions contributed to the bankrupting of the country in Celtic Tiger times, did a U-turn on water charges which they themselves had introduced in the budget?

Where was the thoughtful approach when anti-water charge street protests led by politicians, who if they had their way would have this country in a situation half way between Greece and Venezuela, were given massive and unchallenged publicity all day every day in the public media?

As your editorial implies, there was and will be no thoughtful approach.

In relation to funding for water and sewage, there will just be hypocrisy. – Yours, etc,


Sutton, Dublin 13.