Funding the arts


Sir, – Ireland in many ways is defined by those outside it through the lens of our culture. Our art, music, dance, drama, language and literature so often shape the perception of Ireland.

Unfortunately the arts are often the first thing to be suggested for funding cuts. Our arts needs support, at a personal, organisational, educational and state level.

The arts do more than simply produce artworks. They provide bridges between cultures. They reflect or respond to the views, opinions, issues and knowledge of a society. The arts form a large part of how society and civilisations are viewed long term throughout history.

This can be everything from a humble Irish film like Once going on to win an Oscar, to Irish musicians like Anúna performing on video game soundtracks and concerts around the world, or even the poetry by writers such as Francis Ledwidge, whose words live longer lives than any person could.

As a society we need to value, support and fund our arts. Let’s not leave our cultural legacy to chance and be left behind. – Yours, etc,


Clontarf, Dublin 3.