Fiscal Advisory Council’s warnings

Sir, – After yet another warning from the Fiscal Advisory Council to the Government about ongoing State overspending, one wonders is it time to abolish this body ("Government's economic plans 'not credible', says watchdog", News, June 11th).

After all, all the Fiscal Advisory Council appears to do is issue warnings to the Government, warnings that clearly fall on deaf ears.

The Government doesn’t need such negativity. Multiple launches and relaunches of spending plans are what it’s all about.

Take, for example, Project 2040, a 20-year plan launched by a Government that had maybe one to two years left in office when launching this plan.


That is real politics, a big plan with little chance of completion and no accountability.

Ireland is booming, despite the Opposition parties listing off a “crisis” in everything.

The Fiscal Advisory Council should go away and let the Government make us “boomier”. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.