Family-run shops treated unfairly


Sir, – My family has run a homewear and drapery business on the main street in Charleville, Co Cork, since 1913. We employ 15 people. Like all other shops, we have been closed since March.

We were delighted with the news when it was announced a few weeks ago that we would be reopening today. All last week we and three of our staff have been working day and night getting ready to reopen, making sure that we conformed with every regulation.

Our staff were on a high knowing that they were getting back to work. I think that they would nearly have come back for no pay just to be working again.

When the news broke at 4pm on Friday that we would not be opening they were literally in tears.

Will someone please tell me why we cannot open our family business, obeying all the rules, while Aldi is open at one end of the street and Lidl is open at the other end and Dunne’s Stores is open in middle of the street, all promoting homeware and drapery products?

I think that our Government is doing a good job, but I think what it did on Friday evening was completely unfair and is putting my livelihood and that of 15 others in grave danger.

Would those in a position to do something to remedy the situation please do so with some urgency. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.