European Elections


Sir, - Drapier's "Insider's Guide to Politics" reads more like a Fine Gaeler's guide to politics when he writes about the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament. As Drapier well knows, there are not two seats for Fine Gael in Leinster and his targeting of the Green seat is simply a cover for internecine Fine Gael strife over who will run, and who will get the European Parliament seat in Leinster.

Avril Doyle, has-been TD, would-be presidential candidate and wanna-be Euro deputy, is throwing her weighty FG credentials into an attempt to wrest the Fine Gael seat from Alan Gillis, who has been the butt of jokes that he couldn't make up his mind in the previous election between the Fianna Fail and Fine Gael tickets.

I took the fourth seat in Leinster for the Greens in the European Elections in 1994. Monica Barnes, an ex-TD of that time, was the runner-up. However, she has moved on to more fertile pastures. The margin was over 5,000 votes. - Yours, etc., Nuala Ahern, MEP,

Greystones, Co Wicklow.