Energy, Australia and the nuclear option


Sir, –John FitzGerald (“Firing up gas investment would help keep the lights”, October 1st) suggests there is a need to fire up gas investment in Ireland and he is honest enough to highlight at least one problem with wind energy – it’s unreliability.

That problem is shared by solar energy, along with another problem – unpredictability.

Europe’s recent experience with wind energy begs obvious questions: where are all the batteries, the pumped hydro, the geothermal power and the wave power? Indeed, after vast expenditure on renewable energy over decades, why does Europe continue to rely so heavily on gas? After all, there is an alternative energy source that does not emit CO2 but is both reliable and predictable: nuclear energy.

Contrary to fashionable opinion, nuclear energy is safe too. And the new generation of reactors will make safe technology even safer. Australia has the same legislative ban on nuclear power that Ireland does.

If your winter is bad enough, I hope your politicians have a change of heart. That might prod ours. – Yours, etc,



NSW Australia.