Sir, Your worthy correspondent Alan Eager, commenting on the repetitiveness of certain numbers in the National Lottery, causes me to make certain comments. A publication of all numbers since the inception of the Lottery is available on request from the Head Office.

This work contains a list of 33 draws on each sheet. A study of all the sheets will reveal certain facts that might surprise Mr Eager. For instance, should he note that number six came up about seven times on the one sheet, and, say, number two only came Lip three times, a consultation of the following sheet will in all probability reveal the opposite effect, i.e. number six will have appeared infrequently, and vice versa with number two.

There are times when one particular number will be absent from the winning line for a very long period, even up to 20 weeks, but eventually it will catch up, and when about one hundred draws have taken place, most of the numbers will be fairly evenly represented.

One fact about the draw which causes me concern is the lack of a report from the standby auditor. Surely a signed statement from him regarding the regularity of the draw would not be too much for the public to expect. Yours, etc., Drumree, Co Meath.