Does negativity spell bad news?


Sir, – Why does so much of our media go out of its way to air our dirty linen in public? Yes, we have some major social problems, but so has every other nation on this planet.

For example, homelessness is a major problem for cities and urban areas all over the globe, yet we are probably unique in the way we publicise our failings for all to see and gloat over.

Our HSE is in crisis, but so too are the health services in most developed countries, including our neighbours in the UK.

How often do we hear hysterical broadcasters in the UK make a meal over the same sorry story, almost daily, and for the most part of our beautiful summer?

Do British broadcasters queue outside hospitals gleefully awaiting the latest trolley count? No, they don’t. Neither do broadcasters in any other country in Europe.

Most public service broadcasters are aware that negative news stories, trotted out on a daily basis, simply give our competitors an opportunity to re-establish the Irish stereotype of bygone days.

Sure there are major hurdles to be overcome, but we are by no means a “special” case. Let’s show some pride in our achievements. – Yours, etc,


Killester, Dublin 5.