Department needs to meet housing targets


A chara, – It seems the Department of Housing is setting targets for social housing to be completed by local authorities (Olivia Kelly, Home News, October 30th).

Could we, as councils then set the department a target to improve on the two-plus years it takes for the Custom House to move through the four stages of planning it requires before building can commence?

Wexford County Council currently has 245 housing units at stages one to four of approval with the department and over 100 at pre-planning stage.

When issuing its home building targets to us, will it also inform us that the approval process to build all of these could be completed by next summer?

Rather than seeking to scapegoat local councils, the department should get its own house in order first (pardon the pun). – Is mise,


Wexford County Council,


Co Wexford.