Debate On Immigration


A chara, - I, for one, am relieved to witness the influx of immigrants to Eire. I find it so much easier to sleep, knowing;

1. That I, when bored, can relieve my angst by aiming a kick at an inconsequential busking Romanian.

2. That the queue at Bewleys is really caused by the lingual ineptitude and genetic laziness of their foreign staff.

3. That I am far more visually pleasing than these olive skinned, sloe eyed intruders.

4. That the Irish have finally been given a chance to vent the insecurities and aggression born of centuries of oppression, and show that they have really learnt how to bully.

5. That Thatcher taught us nothing.

I sleep well. - Is mise, Gertrude Sampson,

North Great George's St.,

Dublin 1.