Cut in services for mums-to-be


Madam, – Proposals to cut schemes which provide care to expectant mothers and their babies immediately prior to and after birth are so short-sighted, foolish, and dangerous as to beggar belief (Breaking News, June 13th). Not only may waiting lists for pregnant women requiring care cause irreparable harm, they will also act as a considerable deterrent to families who wish to have children. Perhaps that is the aim of the proposal. If so, what on earth has happened to “investing in our future”? One of the few things that may help our beleaguered is that our birth rate, in comparison to the rest of Europe, has not yet imploded.

Recently, the Economist suggested the problems caused by Europe’s shrinking and ageing populations would eclipse the current banking crisis and subsequent economic downturn. Then again, the same publication warned in 2006 that Ireland’s housing market was destined to crash. No one in government wanted to listen then either. – Yours, etc,


The Life Institute,

Capel Street,

Dublin 1.