Crime and targeting older citizens


Sir, – This week my 95-year-old relation was burgled for the third time in two months. This is a lady living alone in her own modest home, looking after herself with the help of her carers and taxi-driver.

As is typical of people of her generation, she was fiercely independent, demanded little but heat, light, nourishment, her television and Ireland’s Own.

Now, thanks to these cowardly thugs who got nothing but small change, she will end up in the care of a nursing home.

Our local garda was on the scene in no time, and the sight of a uniform can be a great comfort.

This is only a single incident in far too many that happen every day, but far too small to feature in any news report or in more than the local post office gossip on pension day.

What is wrong with our society that permits such incidents to occur?

A long life turned upside down at a time when people should be safe and secure inside their own homes.

We can’t blame the lack of gardaí for everything, especially in this case. – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.