Czech Republic and migration


Sir, – Further to “Paranoia in Prague as Czechs turn to a populist leader” (Opinion & Analysis, October 25th), which discusses the election of Andrej Babis in the Czech Republic, Daniel McLoughlin adopts the familiar ploy of invoking “fear of the other” as a reason for Czech reluctance to entertain large-scale immigration.

Instead of using the phraseology of the sociology lecture, why does he not ask the populace of Prague?

Nor do we learn much about Mr Babis, his background or his policies.

The Czechs and others have seen the results of the multicultural model in western Europe and are not impressed. That is their perfect right.

There is no reason why Czechs should adopt this multicultural model. Angela Merkel did not consult other EU countries when she opened the doors to nearly a million immigrants, yet she expects these countries to show solidarity. Someone compared this to inviting guests and asking the neighbours to put them up.

Countries that seek to limit or to prevent this phenomenon deserve support. They are complying with the first pre-requisite of any government – to look after its own citizens and residents. – Yours, etc,