Covid-19 and public awareness

Sir, – This week, I telephoned three major hospitals in Dublin with the following query.

“I am expecting a visitor from an area where there has been an outbreak of Covid-19. Should this person show symptoms of being unwell, what should I do?”

Hospital one said that the person should not leave the house and that I should contact the “Department of Public Health”.

Hospital two said that I should contact my GP, who would call the emergency department of the local hospital and speak to the consultant on duty and that the person should stay in isolation.


Hospital three said that the person who could answer my query had gone home. This was at 5.30pm.

I would suggest that an office in the Department of Health be made available to answer queries concerning this virus and the telephone number, email address, etc, be publicised via radio and television. – Yours, etc,


Newcastle Lyons,

Co Dublin.