Corbyn’s Brexit conundrum

Sir, – Jeremy Corbyn was in town last week to drum up support for his Brexit strategy and his hopes to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement should he ever achieve power. Helpfully the Government here shielded him from media scrutiny, which may be just as well as he has no answers for the questions he is likely to face. Why should Ireland and the EU give him a better deal than we gave Theresa May after two long years of negotiations? Precisely what favours do we owe him after the damage Brexit has already done to our economy and the peace process in the North?

If he came with new ideas, then perhaps all well and good. They should be considered. But so far his public utterances have done nothing to dispel the notion that he is still hell-bent on pursuing Brexit, even after it has become clear that an increasing majority of British people have changed their minds.If Mr Corbyn won’t represent his own people, then why should we listen to him? – Yours, etc,




Co Wicklow.

Sir, – Brexit keeps getting stranger ("UK Labour in 'I am Spartacus' moment over Alastair Campbell expulsion", Analysis, May 29th). With an open goal in front of it, Labour somehow managed to score an own goal. How is that even possible? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.