Closure of summer camps for children


A chara, – Yesterday morning, I received an email from the indoor summer camp my children are attending to be told it would be their last day (“Anger at short notice of ban on indoor summer camps for children”, News, July 11th). This camp was booked by me months ago, though my planning is insignificant compared to the planning by the camp’s organisers, a business that employs people and pays taxes. Schools and creches are open, indoor hospitality is about to open, my children will soon be allowed to accompany me indoors in a pub, if I so wish.

The Taoiseach answered a question in the Dáil last week that effectively shut down indoor summer camps with no notice and no discussion. My children will be devastated, but sure, they are only children. They will miss out on the educational value of the camp, but sure it is only their education, and they will miss out on the social interaction, but what of it?

I am currently cancelling my work for the week, letting my employers down. I will not get paid but what of that? I am only a mother, working to pay bills, paying taxes.

There has been much navel-gazing by men as to why Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael did so badly in the byelection, talk of leadership, talk of connecting with the people. I do not think there are too many women wondering why they did so poorly. For us, there is no mystery. It is their ineptitude at governing. The complete lack of any consideration for children’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing by this Government over the past 18 months and the resulting heavy burden that has been placed on the shoulders of children will not be easily forgotten by the mothers who have had to dry the tears and explain broken promises. It is irrelevant who leads Fianna Fáil. It is not about “connecting”. It is about how the country is being governed by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. That is the reason why they failed in the byelection and a woman from neither of those parties was elected. – Is mise,



Dublin 6.