Clerical child abuse


Madam, – I am a 62-year-old ex-pat Irishman living in Australia.

As a young child, I was molested by a Catholic priest. I did at one stage approach my local parish priest, who in turn contacted our bishop (of Clogher).

The priest continually abused kids and young men, but the church continually swept it under the carpet. I thought the matter was resolved.

As a result of this, as soon as I became an adult, I disavowed the Catholic Church. I still suffer recurrent nightmares about this priest’s abuse. When it first happened, he would have been in his mid-20s.

It did not occur once, but many times. When it first happened, I approached my mother, whom I loved dearly, but, typical of the real Irish Catholic, I got a slap on the face, and was told not to “speak about a priest like that”. Unfortunately, that was the attitude from the 1950s.

If this person is extradited from the US, I am prepared to fly to Ireland and testify against him, and also name other witnesses who may not yet have come forward.

Some years ago, I met a lady who gave me comfort and solace from this nightmare, but sadly she passed away three months ago. Now all my pent up anger has surfaced again. All I want is the ultimate justice. – Yours, etc,


Woodfield Street,


Adelaide, Australia.