Sir, - I was fascinated by W.G.A. Scott's letter of May 10th. He is incredulous that a priest who perpetrates sexual abuse on children still has the power to change bread and wine into God's body and blood. He has even consulted the Pope on the matter, but found himself unable to accept the Pope's ruling.

Of course the Pope was right and was not prevaricating in any way. Once a person (a male person that is) is ordained he gets the "power" to change bread/wine into Gods body/blood. It is then out of the control of the giver of that power to do anything about taking it back. The priest's use/misuse of the "power" does not determine whether he keeps it or not.

That is why Satanists are so thrilled when an ordained priest comes into their fold. He still has the "power" to do the changing, and then they can perform all sorts of sacrilegious desecrations.

He still has the power. And if you believe all this, anything is possible. - Yours, etc.,



Co Cork.