Charities and raising funds


Sir, – I think most people respect the work of charities and the work they undertake both at home and abroad. Like many people, I try to donate to worthy causes.

However, one of the most frustrating aspects in fundraising in recent years is the desire of charities to get you to sign up to ongoing direct debits rather than simply taking cash donations.

From a fundraising point of view, I can understand that a charity would prefer a longer-term commitment, but personally I am not keen on handing over my bank details to third-party fund-raisers on the street who are not directly employed by the charities themselves.

There is also a simple financial reality that I cannot sign up to multiple ongoing direct debits to various charities.

As we move further away from cash and coins, there are apps out there that let people tap their phones to donate. I can see that as something I would be more inclined to respond to on the street when approached for a donation.

Otherwise I am sticking to donating online and will continue to disappoint the chuggers with their sales spiels. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.