Boris Johnson and the Brexit impasse


Sir, – We have a tendency in Ireland whether regarding our history or our current affairs to look at ourselves in isolation from international developments. This certainly suits Boris Johnson, who likes to paint Ireland as the sole reason for the current Brexit impasse. But the simple facts are that the EU and the US Congress have said that they will not approve any trade deal with the UK that violates the Belfast Agreement. We should be reminding the British and the Tories of this fact every time they try to change the narrative to a simple “Ireland versus the UK” story. It might be also worth reminding portions of the UK audience that the French have said unambiguously that they will veto any further extension of the Brexit negotiations. If there is a time for the British opposition to a no-deal Brexit to change, then the time is now. –



Sir, – Despite his 60-odd years of residence in Ireland, the erudite Bruce Arnold has clearly failed to grasp one of this noble nation’s fundamental rules of engagement: only we are allowed to criticise our own. – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.