Buskers on Grafton Street


A chara, – I note with interest some recent comments in your columns on the noise levels on Grafton Street. I am an actual busker, as opposed to the amplified “My Way” clones. Words cannot describe the hell that traditional players have been enduring on Dublin’s streets over the past three years at the hands of the said clones. Non-stop karaoke-style playing of CDs on i-Pods, the same seven melodies, with loud amplifier accompanied by trumpet, saxophone, accordion, violin or pan pipes, hogging prime spots all day and sidelining young traditional players.

Perhaps it is time for the newly elected city councillors to walk around, take a look and bring in sensible bye-laws for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Add in the greedy beggars and the aggressive cyclists and the toxic brew would surpass the excesses of Juvenal’s ancient Rome. In a different context, Terry Moylan said: “Those who hold and play the music continue to be slighted.” – Yours, etc,



Baile na nGall,


Co Chiarraí