BusConnects and journey times


Sir, – In a news item in your edition of October 22nd, it is claimed that under the BusConnects redesign of the bus network in Dublin, a journey from bus stop 1190 on Collins Avenue to Spencer Dock will require two buses and a Luas, compared to the current one bus and a Luas. One passenger is quoted as saying that he currently takes the 14 bus to Connolly Station, and changes to the Luas to complete his journey to the Spencer Dock area. It is further claimed that under the new plan, a passenger travelling from Collins Avenue to Spencer Dock will be required to walk further to a different bus stop. They will then be required to take a northbound bus towards Artane, before they can board a city-bound bus service which will bring them to a Luas Red Line.

None of this is true. In fact, far from becoming a “six-stage ordeal”, as claimed in the piece, under our proposals the journey between bus stop 1190 on Collins Avenue and Spencer Dock will be a better and more direct service. The proposed N4 route will run along Collins Avenue and will stop at the existing stop number 1190. It will then continue towards the Howth Road and along the East Wall Road, terminating in Spencer Dock. This will be a direct route with no bus or Luas change required, unlike the existing journey taken by the passenger quoted. Just as significantly, the N4 route will run every 10 minutes all day, a very high frequency and much more frequent than the existing 14 bus service to Connolly Station. – Yours, etc,


Chief Executive Officer,

National Transport


Harcourt Lane, Dublin 2.