A Chara, - An oak tree planted in Ros Chiarβin in the grounds of Ferbane Vocational School, in March, 1992, commemorates Ireland's distinguished school master, author, playwright, balladeer and poet. The central idea of the project was the establishment of a small wood of broad-leaved trees as a memorial to deceased and retired members of the teaching profession. It is particularly fitting that trees should be used in this way taking into consideration the cycle of planting, flowering and fruiting which is so analogous to the work of teachers. Teachers hope that their students when they grow to maturity will work for the social, cultural and economic benefit of their communities.

Bryan McMahon came to Cloyne in 1983, to plant an ash tree in Ros U∅ Rinn. That tree is now one of a number of ash trees planted to commemorate the celebrated Cloyne, Glen Rovers and Cork hurlers thereby ensuring a plentiful supply of camβns for future generations of Cloyne hurlers and camogie players.

What more fitting memorial then to Brian Uasal Mac Math·na than a plantation of broadleaved trees perhaps on the slopes of Cnoc an Fhomhair which overlooks the plain of Oireacht U∅ Chonch·ir (Iaraghticonnor) whose people he loved and from whom he derived much of the inspiration for his literary output. Bryan's friends, students from local schools, people from the world of books and representatives of the people of North Kerry and West Limerick could plant a selection of our broadleaved trees in Ros na bPeann (The wood of the pens).

Such a commemorative project would benefit the locality for generations as a thing of beauty and as a special contribution to a more healthy environment. Molaim Ros na bPeann mar Com≤radh do Bhrian Uasal Mac Math·na. - Is mise, Pβdraig O Loingsigh

Cluain Clamha, Co Chorca∅.