Brighter days and longer trams


Sir, – Further to “Review of signalling arrangements for Luas after difficulties with new trams” (News, February 8th), there is a simple little device that has been around forever. In fact I would wager that every house in the country has at least one in its household toolbox. It is, of course, the measuring tape. It seems the powers that be in the Luas management team has never heard of it. A quick measurement of the bridge and the train should have told them that the revised longer train would not work. Indeed every dog in the street might have come to same conclusion by using their head and an untrained eye. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.

Sir, – The river is in the wrong place, O’Connell Bridge is too short, and the Luas is too long. Before we think of praying for Moses to come back and help ease the situation by parting the waters, could we not just unhitch a wagon? – Yours, etc,


Ballyduff Upper,

Co Waterford.