Brexit – one for the road

Photograph: David Sleator

Photograph: David Sleator


Sir, – A display of national pro-European solidarity, as suggested by Pádraig Hall (May 17th), wherein we would switch to right-hand drive on March 2019, has merit. On thinking it through, a number of helpful add-on suggestions come to mind. First, that we’d postpone the appointed day until the first day of April for operational reasons. Second, that, Irish-style, we’d phase it in rather than biting the bullet – cars, say, for the first six months, followed in time by lorries. Third, as part and parcel of exit penalties, the London government would finance all infrastructure costs (flyovers and the like) at all Border cross-over points. It would certainly give them something extra to contemplate as regards a hard or soft Border. For driverless cars, it would be a doddle. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.