BNP leader invitation


A chara, – In response to the letter by the Trinity Against Fascism group (December 5th) and a previous letter by Vincent Lavery (November 30th), I wish to question the understanding of free speech in the context of this fiasco. Freedom of speech is not, nor should it ever be subjective, particularly when the speaker in question is an elected official with a democratic mandate.

In light of this, Mr Griffin has accepted an invitation from the UCC Government and Politics Society to speak in a debate on: “The Importance of Free Speech in Modern Society” in the new year.

Our invitation to Mr Griffin is by no means a defence of what he has to say, rather it is a defence of his right to say it. I do hope that University College Cork – a college with strong liberal roots, will not succumb to any outside pressure and prevent this event going ahead.

If we, as a modern society, do not believe in free speech for those whom we disagree with, then perhaps it should be questioned whether we believe in free speech at all. – Is mise,


Chair, Government and Politics Society,

University College Cork,

Co Cork.