Blackening the green movement


Madam, - I am grateful to Eoin Wilson (June 30th) for taking Dr William Reville to task.

On first reading Dr Reville's column ( Under the Microscope, June 26th), in which he attempted to develop a case of cultism against the green movement, I tried to convince myself it was a failed satire.

However, on re-reading, I felt extreme anxiety for the young minds this academic is charged with opening and developing. It is not an exaggeration to say that Ireland is among the least compliant "first world" countries in environmental terms.

The worshipping at the altar of development in recent years echoes far more clearly the blinkered attitudes of fundamentalism than anything the under-resourced and over-stretched environmental movement has been able to muster.

Denial, generally the preserve of the determinedly ignorant, ill befits Dr Reville, who frankly should know better than to rely on the propaganda that more commonly characterises the less evolved of the industrialist species. His credibility is in tatters and one can only wonder at his motives. Is this a common view among the UCC scientific research fraternity? If so, we should advise our brightest young minds to seek enlightenment elsewhere. - Yours, etc,



Co Donegal.