Bishop Doran and a contraceptive ban

Sir, – Is Bishop Kevin Doran the Jacob Rees-Mogg of Irish Catholicism? (“Principles of contraceptive ban ‘ignored for too long’, says bishop”, Home News, August 6th).

I read his comments with a mixture of disbelief and exasperation, and the comparison with the Conservative politician came to mind.

Both appear to be hankering for a time long passed and appear to be at odds with the realities of a 21st-century society.

The good bishop would be better employed in considering how the Catholic Church might be more relevant to an Irish society which in recent times has exhibited more compassion than his own dilapidated and discredited organisation.


Instead of trying to drag us all back kicking and screaming to the 20th century, he and his colleagues should consider how the increasingly laicised church can reflect the realities of people’s lives as it relates to the challenging message of Christ. – Yours, etc,


Co Wexford.

Sir, – Two things strike me about Simon Harris's response to the thoughtful reflections on Humanae Vitae from Bishop Kevin Doran.

First, the response came in the form of a social media tweet; our present Government seem addicted to this superficial form of communication, and it does it no credit.

Second, it contained the usual anti-Catholic barb, now considered practically obligatory by politicians of his generation.

It fills me with dread that this man is in charge of drafting our abortion legislation. – Yours, etc,



Co Waterford.

Sir, – Following the call by Bishop Kevin Doran that a renewed interest in Humanae Vitae, the 1968 Catholic Church document on birth control, is required, it is to be hoped that his suggestion will fall on deaf ears. Irish people have clearly rejected Humanae Vitae over the past 50 years (Home News, August 6th).

Bishop Doran also said contraception “impinged upon the dignity of women”. He pays no attention to the reality that a family enslaved in poverty by having too many children also suffers a loss of dignity, not only the loss of the dignity of the wife and mother, but of every member of the family.

Contraception has elevated the status of women from baby-making machines to full citizens with all the rights and privileges that men have always enjoyed.

Women and men will not do a U-turn on it now, and the Catholic Church must leave the school for slow learners and accept this once and for all. – Yours, etc,



Co Wexford.