Sir, Athy courthouse is a little architectural gem of stone, freestanding adjacent to a series of impressive, well maintained, connected, open spaces, beside the strong, full flowing river Barrow.

Alas, through lack of simple routine maintenance the building's upper roof is silt clogged and substantial vegetation is visible thriving at various points.

A lower, partly slateless roof section, with flashings disturbed, and open to the elements, allows timbers rot, water lodge and penetrate stonework (with consequential damage) and still more vegetation thrives abundantly. A number of redundant ESB brackets disfigure the upper east stone wall and careful removal is necessary.

Considering the frightening waste of public millions little is required to rectify this neglect and arrest further needless deterioration, while awaiting the planned full blown restoration which indeed might never materialise. An Taisce please note. - Yours, etc.,

Cross Avenue,


Co Dublin.