Along the Barrow


Sir, – I recently chanced upon a section of the walking route along the Barrow. Aware of some of the commentary opposing the development of such idyllic treasures in the heart of the southeast, I was surprised at just how relaxing the experience was. I can understand how those who treasure their peaceful surroundings do not want them to be disturbed. Listening to the chatter of birds and watching the gentle flow of the river was a peace that all could enjoy. How can the quiet places of rural Ireland provide opportunity for local businesses to survive if such simple, non-intrusive ventures are rejected? Limited access for buses and cars at strategic points surely answers all the negative nimbyism.

How can rural Ireland survive if even footfall is refused? I will go back, if only to sample the tea and scones in the Mullacháin Café. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.