A whirlwind British royal visit

Sir, – Is it any wonder that alcohol companies are sponsoring the GAA now that Croke Park has replaced the local pub as the place to take foreign dignitaries for publicity photographs. – Yours, etc,


Arbour Hill,

Dublin 7.


Sir, – It appears that members of the British royal family are doing their bit for our tourist industry lately.

The question occurred to me as to what the reason for it is.

Whatever about Camilla and Charles, who had a longer stay, visiting places and events in which they have an interest, what purpose other than PR had the latest pair to visit here?

Of course the Duchess of Sussex needs some training in handling public adulation (and that’s only from the glitterati!).

Who benefits? One must ask. Surely not republicans who jettisoned monarchy 100 years ago. – Yours, etc,



Co Cavan.

Sir, – On Wednesday we were treated to the sight of the Duchess of Sussex treading the hallowed sward of Croke Park and marching across the cobbled court of Trinity College in her Sarah Flint stilettos.

She neither sank nor toppled.

A woman who can do that can do anything. – Yours, etc,


An Cheathrú Rua,

Co na Gaillimhe.