A pay deal for the public sector


Sir, – It was with some surprise that I read that the Government has announced, to some fanfare, that it has reached a pay deal with the public-sector unions, despite the fact that as of January 2021, the numbers on the live register or the pandemic unemployment payment increased by 27 per cent to 657,076 (“New public service pay agreement overwhelmingly ratified”, News, February 23rd).

How can the most cosseted sector of our society award itself wage increases, of which our politicians will benefit, with so much uncertainty facing our economy and its citizens?

Or maybe the Government is trying to hide this poor decision amid the general clamour that will no doubt ensue following the final announcement of the already much-leaked Living with Covid Plan.

With wages increases on the way, living with Covid will be easier for some than others!

I thought that we were all in this together? – Yours, etc,




Dublin 6.