A matter of opinion


Sir, – Newton Emerson throws his toys out of the pram as Martin McGuinness’s narrative of the past 40-odd years doesn’t suit his (“The Troubles did not find Martin McGuinness. He found them”, Opinion & Analysis, March 30th).

Lucky then for your columnist that he has ample access to many print media outlets throughout this island. He can articulate his “narrative” far more than any republican can in the pages of this august publication. Outside of the odd pro-nationalist article in the Irish News, one would be forgiven for thinking that unionists were a majority among the Irish population.

This might suit the pro-union narrative of many media moguls, but alas does not reflect the majority of ordinary Irish people, who are not in a position to be given free rein to vent their particular narrative from several media outlets. – Is mise,


Monkstown Valley,

Co Dublin.