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Aer Lingus – a deepening dispute

Peak travel season

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Sir, – It is important to remember that the pilots’ trade union, like any other, exists to advocate for its members’ rights and to secure fair working conditions. Industrial action is a legitimate tool of leverage, especially in an industry where timing is critical. Just as no one buys ice cream in winter, it is strategic and expected for unions to push for their demands during peak travel seasons when their leverage is at its highest. The media has sensationalised some of the figures associated with the pilots’ pay demands, focusing on eye-watering sums that do not represent the broader reality. Entry-level pilots earn around €59,000, and a cost of inflation pay claim of 24 per cent on top of this figure does not reach the exaggerated amounts being quoted. It is crucial to contextualise these figures accurately. – Yours, etc,



Sir, – Aer Lingus pilots want a return to their 2019 purchasing power with a 23.8 per cent pay rise.


Aer Lingus customers would certainly love to see a return to 2019 fares. – Yours, etc, NIAMH BYRNE,

Dublin 3.

Sir, –Capt Mark Tighe, president of IALPA, is quoted as saying “we have made it clear that passengers are very important to us pilots” (“Aer Lingus dispute: IALPA chief accuses airline of escalating row with ‘campaign of antagonism’ against members”, News, June 22nd). If the travelling public were important to them, they would not be treating them as pawns in their dispute. For some, a family holidays is a major expense they can ill-afford to have impacted or cancelled. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.