Where now for the Greens?

Addressing the wider concerns

Letter of the Day
Letter of the Day

A chara, – A good many people will view the decline of the Green Party in Ireland in the recent elections with some alarm. This is particularly so in light of the growing environmental challenges that face all of us on this planet. People obviously welcome more sustainable transport initiatives such as increased public transport and the development of greenways, all of which can be attributed to the hard work of the Green Party, and rightly so.

However, younger people in particular are very concerned about the lack of affordable housing, rising rents and problems accessing childcare and other supports. All of these issues also contribute to a sustainable environment which is a cornerstone of Green Party philosophy.

For now, many view the agenda of the Green Party as admirable but best suited to people already comfortably off. Unless the Green Party also start actively addressing the wider concerns of younger people, they will unfortunately see a further decline in their fortunes. – Is mise,



Abhainn an Scáil,