Roadside litter

Drivers and their rubbish

Sir, – One of the benefits of walking the roads is that one gets educated as to the pecuniary habits of car users as they disgorge the contents of their chariots onto the roadside, when driving from A to B. Beer cans and bottles are a staple, of course, with soft drinks bottles a close second. Fast-food bags, plastic cartons, cups and forks vie for prominence with the relatively recent arrival of the now ubiquitous coffee cup, and in fairness some of them profess to be recyclable, but perhaps not in this fashion. This week we have a seasonal contribution of gaily coloured Easter egg boxes, also recyclable. It’s also nice to see some delicate buttercups and dandelion flowers showing, and the occasional honey bee making an appearance among the carefully chosen detritus jettisoned by our socially responsible, upstanding, climate-aware citizens. – Yours, etc,





Co Galway.